The Meckrai Group consisits of three founding companies:

Bombay Sports
Parnter: Pravina Mecklai
Establised in 1909, Bombay Sports, located in Dhobi Talao, Mumbai, has been in business for over 100 years. The store caters to both the retail and whole sale segments and is well know for its commitment to customer service. Founded by Mr. T.M. Jagtiani, the business is now under the fourth generation of management.

Akola Chemical
Chariman: Vijay Rai
Establised in 1981, Akola Chemicals has started as manufacturer of Hydrolysed Proteins for the Agricultural market. Since then, the company has diversified into the Animal Feed, Food, Nutraceutical and Cosmetics Industries. With two manufacturing plants in Akola, the company produces high quality protinates, chelates, casinates, marine extracts and other speciality chemicals

Jamaat Art Gallery
Propriter: Pravina Mecklai
Establised in 1999, Jamaat took a passion of art and turned it into one of Mumbai most respected galleries. Orignally focues of contemperorty india paintings, the gallery has also hosted sculpture, photogoraphy and installation works.
Meckrai Private Limited
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